Food provenance for the provinces

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 Abstract: The strongest global food trends are eating food that is sustainable, local and preferably organic. This means that establishing food provenance - the connection between the food producers and their place, or “terroir” to use a wine term, is becoming increasingly important.These food producers are the real artisans (and the future stars of New Zealand’s food industry). While they are growing in number in NZ, they struggle to thrive because of lack of business skills, resources, and support networks and infrastructure.

Kai is a new business modelled on the network/community principle and the power of collaboration and synergy. This means establishing new connections on the ground in each region across the country, as well as promoting the diversity and differences of each region. Food has long been a strong indicator of a region’s or country’s culture. Once artisans are more connected and empowered, this naturally leads to local food/gastro tourism opportunities. These will further reinforce the power of the terroir, and contribute to the defining of regional character and distinctiveness.

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Mon, 06/28/2010 (All day)
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