Building & Benefiting from the Visitor Industry in South Kaipara

Business and community go hand and hand when it comes to developing the visitor industry. Visitors are increasingly looking to get a ‘sense of place’ when they travel, they don’t just want to rush through towns and communities – they want the opportunity to engage with the experiences that surround them, to slow down. While a bakery may attract a visitor for a minute, the fact that there is a riverside trail, a local gallery, a toy shop and a small local park to visit may well make someone from out of town stay a little longer, and spend a little (or a lot) more. This is how local economic benefits develop and positive word of mouth is created.

Unfortunately the information required to encourage and enable this slower, higher yield visit is often unavailable or simply hidden from view. It is local stories, information and knowledge that encourage greater engagement with communities and the regions they are part of.


On 20 June at the South Kaipara Community Forum meeting in Helensville, Professor Simon Milne of the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute at AUT University explored how communities and destinations can raise their visitor visibility, maximise yield, enhance business networking, create community engagement and ultimately create an enhanced 'sense of place' that benefits both visitor and local alike. You can download a copy of the PDF version of the presentation by clicking on the attachment below. 


Please follow this link to find all the Puhoi to Pakiri survey reports and a copy of the Visitor Strategy 2012-2017.



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