Using NZTRI's International Visitor Survey experience
to help guide industry development


Vanuatu International Visitor Survey

The success of the Cook Islands Model of data collection has led to the replication of this research on international visitor trends in Vanuatu. Cyclone Pam, understandably, resulted in a big hit to Vanuatu’s tourism industry.

“This is about helping Vanuatu collect data on their tourism industry and the understand the effects of recent events on the economy.”

“We have a picture of what is happening to the industry before the cyclone, what they liked and what they didn’t like, and now we have a comparison to what happened afterwards. That is going to be a very powerful tool to help guide industry development, and also to get a feel for where things are weakened - where there are opportunities to rebuild in a new way.”

This work is funded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank, who are focused on building stronger business capacity, and growing the private sector, including, small business.

“The agenda in Vanuatu is very much about rebuilding an industry, and understanding the value of the air visitor versus the cruise visitor,” explains Professor Milne.

“The cruise industry in Vanuatu is growing massively. Our research is showing what percentage of people going on a cruise will actually come back as an air visitor.”

The other dimension that adds to NZTRI’s research in Vanuatu is the importance of understanding the emerging Chinese market.

“What does the Chinese visitor look for? And How do they bring different challenges and opportunities for Vanuatu?” are the questions Professor Milne’s team are keen to find out.