Coastal and Marine Tourism

Associate Directors


Dr Michael Lück

Dr Mark Orams


NZTRI’s Coastal & Marine Tourism research programme area sets out to strengthen collaborative and interdisciplinary research and development projects that integrate the key themes of coastal and marine tourism, the associated impacts, wildlife watching, education and interpretation, aquaria and marine parks, community development, small island tourism, the cruise industry, and related themes.

Areas of interest include:

  • Marine wildlife tourism (especially whale and dolphin watching)
  • Management and conservation through education and interpretation
  • The (environmental) impacts of tourism and recreation in marine environments, and sustainable options
  • The cruise ship industry
  • Land-based marine attractions, including aquaria, marine parks, and maritime museums
  • Island tourism, development, impacts, community benefits
  • Visitor management


Coastal & Marine Tourism Projects


Brochure (pdf)


Trends and Changes in the Whale-watching Industry in Vava'u 1999 - 2009 (pdf)


The International Coastal and Marine Tourism Society Website