Tourism and Community Development

Associate Director

Professor Simon Milne


Dr John S. Hull



Dr Carolyn Deuchar




NZTRI’s tourism and community development programme aims to assist local destinations in their efforts to meet the challenges and opportunities associated with the rapid globalisation of the travel and tourism industry. Our experienced team of researchers and practitioners work in partnership with residents, community groups, local leaders, government agencies, and private business interests to evaluate the present state of affairs of tourism, and using this information, support local stakeholders in developing sustainable tourism strategies. 

Our approach acknowledges that the implementation and outcomes of community-based tourism are different, just as communities are different.  In consultation with communities, we provide recommendations that support a product-market match approach to development through strategic plans that identify appropriate domestic and international markets and link these markets to product development strategies that:

  • encourage economic gain, employment, and business opportunities;
  • respect local culture and traditions;
  • preserve the natural and cultural heritage;
  • adopt the latest industry trends and standards;
  • promote leadership and cooperative efforts between public and private agencies, and
  • heighten local awareness and understanding of the tourism sector.

Areas of interest include:

    • strategic tourism planning
    • research and policy development
    • product development and marketing
    • business planning
    • maximizing the use of Internet Communication Technologies (ICTs)
    • visitor management/impact assessment
    • heritage protection
    • community outreach – awareness and education

Community Development Projects


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